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Monday, June 9, 2014

Wait, what?

I love weaving. Really LOVE weaving. From start to finish, and yes that includes winding and warping! I thought maybe, sure, when I started with a rigid heddle 4 years ago.
Next month marks 4 years that I have been weaving. My first project was a scarf out of some Cascade 220 for my kiddo.
Dozens of scarves later, I have graduated to floor looms and 8 shaft weaves. (looking at 12... shhhh)
I just pulled off a hand dyed warp by one of my favorite ladies, Blazing Shuttles.
This blackberry warp grew up to become waffle weave towels!
Currently waiting to be sewn and added to the shop :)
Rag rugs are on the Cranbrook and I am still learning how to weave on her. She is HUGE, strong and sturdy. The land between the looms is where I am currently sitting and winding my rag strips while I read up on double weave.
Go forth and be productive!

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