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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bexell Cranbrook - a dining room table replacement

Guess What? I have a new loom!
A thread started on Ravelry about 2 months ago in the warped weavers group concerning a loom on craigslist. The poster was asking for thoughts and opinions on the loom. It was a 60" Cranbrook made by Bexell and my heart dreamily fluttered as I wished that someday I could own a Cranbrook. I mentioned it to my husband and I got the big old stink eye....
Well, a few days later I sent a message to the craigslist poster asking if it was still available. It was and I proceeded with an epic yarn destash. Scott (my husband) said if I could acquire the funds, he wouldn't gripe to much. I put almost my entire stash up forsale on ravelry, and within 3 days I had every penny I need to buy it. It was on like donkey kong! The seller asked if I would hold off picking it up so she could finish her rug that was currently on it.

The fantastic woman I was buying the loom from loved tapestry weaving and weaving Navajo rugs. These are both hers!

We did a lot of talking and I found out that she was the original owner of the loom, purchased in 1977. Within all of the paper work she passed on to me was the original purchase order and manual.
Tear down went quick and we were off! It was about an 8 hour journey one way, and the boys did great as always. We had that baby wrapped up like a burrito on a 5x9 trailer. I spent the next day washing it as well as rubbing it down with wood beams. Putting it back together was a snap, and I did it all by myself! Seriously, was not able to be patient enough to wait for hubbo to get home. Nope.
This Cranbrook has replaced my dining room table, so now I officially have a loom room.
Pre loom with table (not used for dining)
Loom room set up

Official details - Bexell Cranbrook J60 4H/10T made in 1977


  1. Congratulations on your new loom? Do you happen to know if there is an online source for the manual? Thanks!

  2. Judy, I do not know. But I do have an original copy and could scan any number of pages for you and email them to you!