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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Testing Lily Louet

Ok. So I name my looms. And my new Louet Spring is officially named Lily Louet. She has finally gotten herself properly dressed! I choose a short and quick project so that I may get a feel for her. I didn't want to throw on a 12 yard warp and realize 12 picks in that I hate weaving on her.

I choose an 8/2 tencel for an easy undulating twill scarf. I also choose to use only 4 shafts instead of all 8, this being my very first go round with a countermarch loom. I feel the need to understand the process before I try to get crazy with the pattern and shaft combos! Also, the built in raddle? Awesome.
It took me a week after picking her up to get to her, but she is tied on and ready to go.
The rigid heddle also got herself dressed this week in a commissioned project for another Raveler. It is hand dyed sock yarn, fully warped in my 12" AKL. I found the color repeats and warped to produce a faux ikat scarf.
Call me crazy, but I still love weaving on my RH!!!

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